BEGAE-182 English Communication Skills
BEGC-131 Individual and Society
BEGC-132 Selections from Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity
BEGC-133 British Literature
BEGC-134 Reading the Novel
BEGE-141 Understanding Prose
BEGE-142 Understanding Drama
BEGE-143 Understanding Poetry
BEGE-145 Soft Skills
BEGG-171 Media and Communication Skills
BEGG-172 Language and Linguistics
BEGG-173 Academic Writing & Composition
BEGG-174 Creative Writing
BEGLA-135 English in Daily Life
BEGLA-136 English at the Workplace
BEGLA-137 Language Through Literature
BEGLA-138 Reading And Speaking Skills
BEGS-183 Writing and Study Skills
BEGS-185 English Language Teaching
BEGS-186 व्यावसायिक संचार – Business Communication