M.COM Foreign Trade

M.COM Foreign Trade IBO-03 भारत का विदेश व्यापार – India’s Foreign Trade HINDI ENGLISH

M.COM Business and Law

M.COM Business and Law MCO-04 व्यवसाय परिवेश – Business Environment HINDI ENGLISH

M.COM Finance and Accounting

M.COM Finance and Accounting MCO-05 प्रबंधकीय निर्णयों के लिए लेखांकन – Accounting for Managerial Decisions HINDI ENGLISH MCO-07 वित्तीय प्रबन्ध – Financial Management HINDI ENGLISH

MBA (New) Management

MBA (New) Management MMPC-01 Management Functions and Organisational Processes MMPC-09 Management of Machines and Materials MMPC-11 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues MMPC-12 Strategic Management